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Here we will break down health and fitness concepts that have been publicized to seem more complex than they really are. Our goal is to provide you with simple, common-sense tips to preventing disease and living a fuller, healthier lifestyle.

To help you achieve your health and fitness goals, we offer the following services:

Specific and efficient spinal correction to alleviate immediate aches, pains, and illness while also relieving symptom-causing irregularities in your spine.

At-home spinal care exercises to complement your in-clinic correction procedures, so your body can get well faster.

Nutritional recommendations and tips to help you reduce the amount of dangerous toxins you’re exposed to on a daily basis; these tips can help you balance your body’s hormones and overcome resistance to weight loss.

Encouraging health talks and workshops to teach you more about society’s pressing health issues, so you can stay up-to-date on how to ensure the health and well-being of yourself and your loved ones.

Supplemental health and well-being resources to help detoxify your body and ingest vital nutrients so your body can perform at its best every day.

We strive to offer only the best all-natural care in the world. We know we can help you make a positive difference in your life. Our philosophy is to deliver real, lasting results through simple, easy-to-follow solutions.

Dr. Paul Sorchy, D.C.
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  • Dr.
    Paul Sorchy, D.C.
    Doctor of Chiropractic
    Dr. Paul Sorchy is a Florida native from Tarpon Springs. His decision to become a chiropractor was made while in the eighth grade, the same year he made his decision for Christ.
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  • Dr.
    Chris Oien, D.C.
    Doctor of Chiropractic

    Dr. Chris was inspired to become a chiropractor after years of watching his mom suffer with migraine headaches, staying in a dark room for hours to days at a time, all while keeping a household of four rowdy boys quiet. After exhausting efforts with medical care, she finally found life-changing relief from chiropractic. These results inspired Dr. Chris to become a chiropractor so he could help others the same way.

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  • Dr.
    Dalton Ramirez-Diaz, D.C.
    Doctor of Chiropractic

    Dr. Dalton is originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico and mainly raised in Orlando, FL. His path toward chiropractic started when he was a senior on his high school track team. After jumping over a hurdle, he was physically unable to stand or walk on his own. He experienced excruciating low back pain, numbness and tingling down his leg. His mother took him to a chiropractor who explained that he had a pinched nerve in his low back. After a few adjustments, he was able to compete again without pain. At that point, Dr. Dalton knew that he wanted to help others like the chiropractor who helped him. 

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  • Joshua Haskin
    Certified Chiropractic Physicians Assistant

    Born in Michigan, and raised in Clermont, Josh graduated locally from South Lake High School. He then went on to receive his bachelor’s degree in Sports and Fitness from the University of Central Florida before completing his doctorate degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Josh is also licensed as a certified chiropractic physicians assistant.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Paul's chiropractic office has got to be the best chiropractor I've ever been to. He and his team of doctors really know the human body, and how to help relieve pain. The exercises they recommend and the treatments are so effective. When I came in I could barely breathe, the pain was so bad. My neck was crooked, had a popped rib and a bunch of slipped disks.

    Dr. Paul and his team worked to get me better and now I can move my neck and even play basketball with my son. I still have the occasional stiff back, but they are always able to get me fixed up.
    They even have a gym, smoothie bar and Dr. Paul holds training sessions as well. This is the place to go to get better!"
    Vinny V.
  • "Thank God for Dr Sorchy...I was literally in tears and couldn't even move 2 hours ago. I was standing there staring at the "Open at 3pm on Tuesday" sign on their door and just as I was about to cry some more out of defeat, he walked around the corner on his way to teach a class and saw me. He didn't even hesitate to take me in. Although I'm still a little sore, I can actually move my arm and neck again. Thank you so much for helping. I very much look forward to continuing treatment to avoid anymore problems like this."
    Kristin R.
  • "Dr. Sorchy is very personable. We have been going for years and my 17 year old daughter is now going, and he is quite knowledgable in helping her with her issues."
    John C.

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